Welcome to Crescendo!

Thank you for what you do.  For your hard-work, your passion, your strength and your dedication in bringing our Province and its diverse communities the music and sound we are all proud to call Nova Scotian.

Crescendo is here to help, and we look forward to the opportunity to working with you in any way we can.  For artists interested in developing a profile with Crescendo, here is what you'll want to know:

Artists profiles are a core part of the Crescendo Mission. They will include a bio, pictures, videos, social-links, content links, past and upcoming gig information and much more.  Profiles will serve as a means with which you can engage directly with the community to get your name, sound, content (and events) out there, while providing Nova Scotians ways in which they can engage directly with you as well. Through its social media platforms and other promotional programs, Crescendo will feature and promote artists profiles (and their events). The HMC will also leverage its reach and boost power while also promoting and boosting Crescendo's unique reach as well.  Profiles can also serve as a live landing page artists without their own website, and could even include a booking mechanism where we can help you secure gigs through the site. 

Start a Crescendo Profile:

To be profiled with Crescendo please begin by completing the form below. We will get in touch to work through the full profile with you. Please take some time to put together some cool stuff for us to get out there. 

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Photos will be required for your profile and are subject to review and approval by the Crescendo moderators. Videos may also be incorporated as well. Artists must own the media or provide consent from the owner for their use. Use will include your profile, this site and its social media platforms, as well as linked social media pages for the Halifax Music Cooperative.  

Thank you!  We will be in touch soon.  Email photos to crescendo@thehmc.ca. Any email correspondence should include your Act name as the subject line.