The Barrowdowns

Alternative Folk

Halifax, NS - Mariitimes

Diverse instrumentation and soaring five-part vocal harmonies characterize the unique alternative folk sound of Halifax-based band, The Barrowdowns.  Born in a cold dark Albertan winter in 2014, the band was started by Halifax musicians Kendra Breen and Rowan Swain. Upon their move back to Nova Scotia, the duo joined up with veteran Halifax musicians Dave Fultz, Adam Martin, and Neal Read to create an eclectic brand of folk music that is both energetic and haunting.  With gripping songs that stick with you long after the last chord has rung out, The Barrowdowns create music that will keep you spellbound—even while you stomp your feet.


Rowan Swain - Vocals, Guitar
Kendra Breen - Vocals, Violin
Adam Martin - Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Dave Fultz - Vocals, Banjo, Violin, Elec. Guitar
Neal Read - Vocals, Bass


"Come What May Come"



Nominated for East Coast Music Award: Rising Star Recording of the Year (2018). Previously 

Nominated for Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the year (2017)


When you consider also that it is their debut release it all adds to the magical genius that has combined to make this one of the best releases to come out of the east coast this year, with soundscapes behind tracks that add to the magical carpet ride that you have just undertaken.
— Stevie Connor, Blues and Roots Radio


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Video:  Carrion (LIVE) 

I give this album 4.5 stars out of 4. No, wait… 17 stars out of 12. No… More stars than there are on the American flag. That’s the one. 52 stars out of 5.
— Stephen Lewis



The first cover we ever attempted as a band was a musical rendition of "Song of the Entwives" from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

The Barrowdowns were also Winners of the 2017 Inventions Showcase this past Fall, 2017 in a spectacular performance at St. Patrick's Church, accompanied by the HMC Chamber Orchestra


upcoming gigs

Friday May 4th, 2018: 10:00pm @ The Seahorse Tavern, Halifax, NS: East Coast Music Week, Rising Star Showcase

Saturday May 12th, 2018: 8:00pm @ 8:00pm Parkindale Hall, Parkindale NB: With special guest Womb to TombEvent Link

Saturday June 2nd, 2018: TBA The Praxis Project Festival, Knowlesville, NB  

Full tour SCHEDULE can be found on The Barrowdowns Website


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The Barrowdowns (2016)



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