folk / rock / pop  

Halifax, NS 

Singer/guitarist Michael Dalton and songwriter Almasy (Al-Mah-She) have teamed up for a new musical adventure under the latter’s name. After growing a reputation as the frontperson and songwriter of the Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble ('TZE') and touring the county extensively as a solo artist, Michael felt the collaboration was unavoidable. His love of arranging music and performing with various instrumentations is perfectly paired with Almasy’s love for life in the shadows with ink stained hands, chipping away at compositions. The duo oscillates between writing infectious, groove heavy anthems and intricate, thought provoking ballads, avoiding genre descriptions like the plague. On the walls of their office amid maps and old photographs Almasy has written the words Versatility and Depth in a black sharpie marker. Ambitious in scope and tender with detail, Almasy’s music is sure to move you.

Influences: Glover Gill, Doc Holliday, Yann Tiersen, Mike Brodie, Blind Melon, Feist, Buster Keaton, Ron Hynes, Kelly Joe Phelps, Michael Ondaatje, Bob Dylan, Sarah Slean, Taraf de Haidouks, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Kleztory, Tom Waits, Bjork, Radiohead, Istanbul Oriental Ensemble



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"I could listen to him sing all night long.  A great voice, a great performer, and an all around great guy. Gotta check this guy out."

-JS, Halifax, NS


standing gig:

Sunday Nights @ 10:00pm - late: The Local, Halifax NS


Most recent gigs:

Friday April 20th, 2018 @ The HM Space with the HMC Chamber Orchestra

Saturday April 21st, 2018 The Justamere Cafe, Antigonish, NS: Fundraiser with the HMC Chamber Orchestra 


Mastered/Unmastered DEMO:



A mash of unreleased demo's and old songs to get you by until the first official release :)