Sponsoring and Supporting Crescendo

Crescendo is founded and operated by the Halifax Music Co-Op, ('The HMC'), which is a local non-profit organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The mission and mandate of the HMC is to make music and a quality music education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, skill-level or means.  The HMC has great passion for local music and the amazing musicians behind it, and is extremely proud to put forward the Crescendo initiative in support of the hard work, passion, time and love that Nova Scotia musicians put into what they do, day-in and day-out.  The HMC feels that exposure of local talent to our community and beyond, should be just as accessible as the HMC wishes to make a music experience and education.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Crescendo initiative, local music events and promotion, please get in touch:

Jeff Dursi - Executive Director, Halifax Music Co-Operative

Email: crescendo@thehmc.ca


Learn More About the HMC

Visit: www.thehmc.ca

Sponsorship and support opportunities with the HMC can be found HERE