The Crescendo Mission

Crescendo supports local music and musicians by providing a platform to engage the broader community on a consistent basis, helping grow their reach, exposure and engagement. 

What We Do: 

  • We host, share and promote Nova Scotian artist profiles across its social media networks to broaden artists reach and exposure within the community. 
  • We provide an accessible venue and related services, through the Halifax Music Co-Op ('The HMC'), where artists can showcase (with all-age events) what they do best while maximizing their returns. Their music, their way.  
  • We provide a free event-listing service for all music events in Nova Scotia.

Supporting Our Music Community:

Profiles:  Artists profiles will include a bio, pictures, videos, social-links and sources for content, but can be a living entity for artists without their own website.  Profiles can even include a booking mechanism where we can help artists secure gigs through the site.  By providing the community a means not only to be engaged but to then engage with local talent, Crescendo hopes to build more engagement in the local music scene across the province.

Venue: Via the Halifax Music Co-Op ('The HMC') Space, Crescendo affords all artists across the province not only an accessible venue to host all-age events in Halifax, but make exposure itself as accessible as possible.  In addition, the HMC can assist the artists with promotion, event services, social media support and even host ticket sales through the Halifax Music Co-Op site.  

Events & Event Listings: Whether or not artists chose to be profiled with with the site, Crescendo will host and promote any and all music-related events across the province, across all of its social platforms.


The Halifax Music Cooperative (HMC) is a Halifax-based non-profit organization whose mission is to make music accessible to everyone, regardless of background, skill-level, or means.  Founded in 2012, the HMC makes a high-quality music education and a supportive and collaborative community environment possible for many in our community who may not otherwise have such an opportunity. 

The Crescendo initiative is the latest chapter in our continued support for music accessibility and our local music scene. It reflects a passion that can also be found in our Inventions initiative: a popular annual program that offers local artists the opportunity to partner with the HMC in a collaborative way to orchestrate a large-scale performance with our full chamber orchestra. Now, with Crescendo, we're providing an even larger platform to local artists to make the connections they need bring their music to wider audiences.

 Local. Music. Strong.


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